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Divine Workshops

Vibrant Light conducts various workshops in order to bring a new vision in everyone’s life. It has been a great experience to see people feeling a miraculous change in their inner feelings, confidence as well as in their energy levels, after any of our workshop.

Divine Nectar Kriya

This was the Kriya received as blessing of Mahavtar Babaji by Vishal SriPaul, in his conscious during intense meditation and he was guided to deliver this to the rest of the world. This Kriya is delivered every Sunday in Ludhiana. It is meant for people from all walks of life, be it fresher or regular meditator. The impacts of this Kriya are really commendable and performers feel blessed & graced after the very first session of this Kriya. Age group is no bar for this workshop.

Vibrant Bliss Program

It is the foundation program under Vibrant Light which is conducted over 4 days for 8-10 hours. This program caters to all the emotions, aspects & dimensions of life beginning from Self to Relationships to Spirit. It is a holistic course developed to help one understand the handling the various aspects of life. This completely covers the dimensions of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health of an individual. Age group is no bar for this workshop.

Holistic Power Yoga

As the name suggests, this program is for the health lovers who wish to have a greater health bliss by following a natural lifestyle. It is a one day workshop & it is designed to teach the system of Ashtaang Yoga through fun & learning. Age group is no bar for this workshop.

Dhyan Retreat

This is a one day workshop for the regular meditators of any age group as it covers the vedic system of lifestyle & Kriya Yoga system delivered thru’ various activities specifically designed to make one learn. Dhyan retreat delivers the various forms of meditation & Kriya Yoga which are sheer blessing of SriGuru Mahavtar Babaji.

Bliss With Yoga

This workshop is delivered over a period of 8 hours in single day covering various forms of vedic system of salutations to the mother nature, chanting, yogic system. This is an advance workshop for the age group from 20 years onward. The various testimonials from this workshop are included in our Testimonial Section under Vibrant Light tab.

Healing With Light Language

Light language is the language of other star systems for higher dimensions viz. Sirius, Pleadians, Andromeda & Lyra. The light language invoke the spirit power inside each one of us and generates a vibration when one listens to it. The energy of higher dimension is invoked through various codes of the light language during the session and the 3rd dimensional issues viz. Financial issues, health troubles, anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues etc are healed.

There are various other one day workshops like Chakra Healing, Awaken Your Inner Child, Power Of Breathing, Aura Healing, Vibrant Relationships, Past Life Healing which serve to the specific needs of a work group. You can even Design Your Own Workshop for a group of your famliy members, friends, colleagues or a societal group which will certainly empower you to have full zeal & enthusiasm to live at your full potential. Above all, Peace is the biggest wealth one can attain in his life. To have a glimpse of our meditations, you can visit our Free Gifts sections wherein you will find various audios provided as a gift from Vibrant Light.

We ensure you would enjoy a beautiful odyssey with Vibrant Light- A Unique Experience For Real Life Vision.

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