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Vishal’s Story

Vishal SriPaul Sood is a Life Coach, who believes in transforming lives leading towards fulfillment.

Academically, He is a B.Sc. Medical & an MBA- Gold Medalist in Marketing & International Business as well as he is a nominee of national merit. He has his expertise in Business Consultancy, Project Management, Astrology, Vastu, Tarot & Angel Readings, Numerology, Healing Therapies, Meditations, Past Birth Analysis & Spirituality. Several awards & accolades has been conferred upon him in academics & in the mentioned respective fields. To his credibility account, he has clients from all across the globe. He hold a learning experience of 18 years of teaching & 8 years of professional exposure.

He holds a firm belief in nature & the divine powers. He is a key practitioner of Law of Attraction. He has his interests in singing, sketching, painting, writing, reading & cooking as well. He is a multi-lingual person. He has a vision of creating a Vibrant World transforming 1 million lives & a world where miracles manifest with the Divine Grace of Lord Shiva.

Being a science graduate & an MBA Gold Medalist, which he finished at a young age of 21, he always had an ambition to reach the heights of his career and becoming a CEO of an organization. Having spent almost 6 years of career in general management role with a top corporate house & being married 3 years back in 2012, He had a good luxury filled life and He used to be a brand freak. He practiced singing during his MBA & received accolades in various stage performances. By that time, He was just sincerely reading few references in astrology & mythology but not from the perspective of practicing, however, just for his own interest. Having all goods of life still something was missing & it was not satisfying at all.

Destiny played its role & family was hit by sudden financial crisis & that time his daughter was born in May’14 and his family was going thru a very rough patch. Everyone leaves at the time of crisis specially related to finances and he too was left alone for his fight. Every rising day was becoming more & more stressful, full of crisis, difficult situations on all the fronts, even the official front was becoming difficult to sustain. Had the hits on all fronts of life, sleepless nights & depression put him on anti-depressants & sleeping pills. Crying alone in the darkest night in the open sky was just a try to feel light inside but everything was failing. He wandered from pillar to post, like many other to another to find the solution to his difficult circumstances but majority was ready to snatch the little survival funds he had by selling remedies to propitiate planets & deities or for gemstones. He was badly frustrated & suffering from severe depression, he tried committing suicide by galloping strips of sleeping pills but was caught by the family members which was a night full of agony & pain for the whole family.

One day in June’14, he came across a profound & learned man in Astrology & Vaastu, whom he interacted on Facebook. Seeing the bent of mind & interest that suggested a book to Vishal, which took him 3 days to finish up but by every page turning by Vishal was becoming more & more closer to the truth of life & he was feeling some changes happening inside him. He met one more person in July’14, which triggered the world of healing, mystical sciences inside him & from thereon the journey of life became an odyssey. He started to meditate for hours in a day, which really changed his perspective towards the life situations. He started doing sadhna for Lord Shiva and by September, there used to be night when the meaning of shedding tears changed entirely, as the tears shed now were for the divine light with which there was a string bond now.

The changes in him were quite visible as he became more calm & depression was not existing in his life. Lord Shiva blessed him with a different vision towards the laws of life & during meditation he used to understand the way Universe is working & planets are playing role in ones life. By October & November, with the continuous Dhyaan & Sehaj Sadhna, he was well versed with Universal Laws, Energies, Healings, Astrology & much more.

He did not see any Guru as a man, however, the Divine touch of Lord Shiva brought him to the highest level of experiences in meditation, and a revelation of life and beyond. The old mental structure within him somewhere was totally shifted. Today, in his mind, or rather literally in every crevice of his body, in every part of his system, and in his very energy, it is His (Lord Shiva’s) presence that is the most prominent within him for every situation. He began his new journey by practicing Astrology & Meditation with very few people and he worked upon his own research upon higher dimensions. Now, he has a entirely changed life which is full of luxuries of love, kindness, unity & abundance and he is moving on this path with all the support from his family & friends, which motivates him to serve better & better. The ambition of rising self turned into raising lives. Branded clothing changed into simple Kurtas & robes and all activities changed which included fooding habits, social acts etc.

Today, he is serving lives by offering guided meditations, yoga workshops & life guidance. On this journey, he had an opportunity to come across many masters, astral guides & learned souls, who had been guiding him on this path and the journey continues Life has become purely a bliss & full of love which he find as the only expression of life on earth plane.

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