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“ I’m so grateful for all the meditations that I performed under your guidance which are helping me become more calm & peaceful...- Rajni

“ Your sessions worked wonders for me as after meeting you the things shaped up entirely positive & I conceived my 1st baby which we were waiting for last2 years...- Ritu

“ I feel my self a totally new person after I started with guided meditations and life is purely a bliss- Namit

“ I heartily appreciate your guidance & support during the tough period of my life as I was totally lost and now, I’m recovering and getting back to my routine- Cem Metin

“ After meeting you, I think Divine blessings are showering upon my family & everything in life is moving wonderfully with your guidance- Pankaj Panchal

“ I just received from you what I waiting from last 20 years of my life. Life is so peaceful & everyone says that I’m a new person. You’re a diamond of my life- Chanchal Arora

“ Wow, seeking astrological guidance from you is like everything is revealed truthfully and straight forwardly. Nothing is hidden. What you said straight on my face, nobody could collect the courage to say that. Astro guidance is purely scientific & really worth- Pooja

“ Your session on Light Language was so intense as the energies channeled through my spine and I could feel huge vibration. It was incredible- Uppasna

“ Your tarot course is beautifully designed as it clears all concepts scientifically & in a story form, which is easy to remember and practice- You’re a great teacher- Falak Dhanda

“ I attended Holistic Power Yoga & Dhyaan Retreat, both the workshops were magical and I could clearly sense the changes inside me and I feel more happy & positive- Neha & Shruti

“ My 1 month old son recovered from surgical trouble & he recovered with few healing sessions & today, he is perfectly healthy- Rajesh Passi

“ He is a miracle man, just one healing session with him cured me from an old stomach trouble & I could now eat properly after a long time- Sunil Jhon

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