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Vibrant Light works on the principle of helping lives to explore hidden potential through age old practices which we forgot during our evolution as a modern human being. Vibrant Light missions to touch each life on earth towards a beautiful journey & contentment by awakening to real bliss.

Simply, realize that you being guided to this page means your mission is the same as mine to help Spirit rise in a new age and a new way for Earth and her people. But the new way is really an old way upgraded.

We knew of our oneness with God and with all life. We understood that each one of us is an infinite Creator and that we are all created in the image of God. We have our home far away among the stars.

During many lifetimes of incarnation we often strayed from the path. Existence in an earth bound body and the karmic wheel of life carried us ever forward. But the core memory of our powers and our spiritual star-born legacy remained and now it is time to wake up.

It is time to realize our true power and purpose and to activate our true DNA potential, so that by coming together once more in unity of loving kindness we may guide each life of Earth.

My purpose is to help you remember.

Love & Blessings,
Vishal SriPaul Sood

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