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Gratitude & loving kindness is a key to manifestations & to realize ones true potential. I am heartily grateful to these beautiful souls who played an important role in my journey of transformation and bringing Vibrant Light into being.

Vibrant Light came into being with all the support from my family, Rocky Jamwal- a divine friend & a pious soul, Puja Sood- a divine sister, my event manager & a great person, Ritika Jain- a great motivator & an advisor, Tarun Singla- a great friend, divine flute artist & a divine soul. I’m extremely grateful to all divine contributors for their all support, love, motivation & blessings.

At Vibrant Light, we have a “Divine Light” community of healers, meditators, therapists & divine souls who are working all the time for delivering divine acts to help transform many lives. Divine Light is working in the direction of transforming live thru’ Yoga Sutras, Meditation, Lifestyle & Positive Approach. To experience Divine Light, you may visit our Free section & browse to our various sessions, meditations & written material.

We are now beginning with a quarterly service “Divine Service”, which shall work for needy, poor, children, girls, old age people, lepers & blinds. We support the various cause towards society, nature & mother Earth, as it’s our right to align ourselves to nature in order to expand our consciousness.

You can also be a part of our Divine Light Community.

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