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Never Ending Cycle Of Births

From ages, the scriptures from all religions and traditions had been mentioning about the cycle of birth and death, which all the spiritual seekers had been trying to break by practicing some techniques or by disciplining their life and so on. Long stories, many texts, many books had been written worldwide on this subject but rarely someone deciphers the truth. Let's explore this birth-death loop and if you are reading this, be assured that you are a spirit being who have the fair chance to find your way out of this cycle. Then, courage is the key.

"May this revelation bring the true realization of this reality in you"

Let's Explore:
If you look around the world, you will observe the pain, sorrow, grief, disease, discomfort, hunger all around but, yet there are organizations which are promoting the world to be a happy & peaceful place. Then, the mind says- for some this earth is a good place and for some it is a bad place. So, that implies there are different beings who reside on this planet, which is right. 

So, let me reveal the facts here: On this planet earth, there are beings who are three- dimensional (3d) and there are beings who are multi-dimensional (md). Now, on this too, a lot had been said in the world and there are people who project to be the healers & they say- they heal people to transcend into the multi-dimensional space, which is nothing more than a mere deception of their mind and this shall only open their doorways back into this world. Moreover, they themselves live a 3d life and speak of multi-dimensionality. 

So, who are the 3d beings? Lets look at it- the 3d beings are the ones who have a 3d physical system and who live a 3d life. 3d beings live in box system, they love & live the lifestyle which is created around the 3d only. They are the non-spirit beings, who do not have the spirit energy but the living organism involved in various physical world activities. 

In their physio-biological system, they have only 3 centers functioning; mooladhar, swadhishthan & manipoor. Since, they have 3 centers only, so, they are always under the effects of trigun- tamas, rajas and sattva as mooladhar is tamas because it keeps one under the effects of fear, insecurities, stress which are the key qualities of mind, swadhisthan is rajas because it gives a sense of control over others, to be authoritative, to have power over other people and manipoor is sattva because it is the fire which burn all impurities and maintains the purity in the body. 

As 3d beings live in control of these triguna, so they continue taking birth in the tripur; three earthly lands, first which is near to central pole meru, then the second land and the outward third earth land which in the recent times, people have started calling as Terra, Tara & Gaia. Even the story of Lord Vishnu's Vaaman Avatar narrates that the avatar measured the whole earth in three steps. Also, in Kathopanishad, Yam offers tripur (three lands) to Nachiketas. 

Refer: Bhagwatam, Bhagwad Geeta, the story of Lord Vishnu's Vaaman Avatar & Kathopanishad.

The important point to note is 3d beings live a limited version of life which is scripted & programmed around basic phenomenon of life viz. eating, growing, having money, sex, job, business, marriage and diseased life. They can never experience or they can't think to experience a  grand life but they remain busy throughout a birth in the limited boundary fixed system laid in front of them by the society, authorities and other 3d beings. They have no free-will to exercise because neither they have the potential nor there is any chance for them to rise above. So, they just live in a scripted 3d world and continue to take birth in the same 3d cycle. This earth that we live on is the residing place for the 3d beings only (99% of total world population) and the system here too is run, controlled and managed by the 3d people. 

Fish in the bowl represents 3d whereas fish in the ocean represents multi-dimensionality

Apart from 3d beings, there are multi-dimensional beings too. This does not imply that they are already multi-dimensional, but this implies their potential to experience the multi-dimensionality as they have all the six spinal* centers functional in them in the active state. They are the spirit- beings.

*spine (S-pine) refers to the spinal column (S) and the pineal (pine shaped) gland

Multi-dimensional beings are the ones who think they are not made for sorrow, pain, disease, grief, losses. In a way, they continue to feel that they are not made for this world and they want to be free from this system. So, as their pain and emotional turmoil hits the peak, they get fed up and being to find a way out. So, does that mean going out from here (liberations or total freedom) is that easy??

The answer is "NO". Before, we move ahead; take a look at the below map and the 3d world system created to keep the multi-dimensional beings intact in the cycle of birth and death.

Now, because the 3d system is followed by the majority and its a commonly agreed upon system, so, this creates an illusion in the mind of multi-dimensional being and he/she begin to think- I might not do anything wrong!!

But, this whole system is to keep you in a sleeping state while keeping you busy all your birth managing your education, career, money, marriage, relationships, children and health. This is the super-system designed in such a way that you get caught up in the artificially created emotions of your mind which you call as kaam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), ahamkaar (fake ego), dwesh (conflict). The sleeping state simply means to keep the spirit-beings involved, embroiled and engrossed in this world matrix of this false system from the very moment, they are born. The emotions are created inside to give them a strong sense of success/failure, achievement/non- accomplishment, gain/loss, happiness/stress and not allowing them to be stable in anyway. 

The system run by the 3d beings is based on the word "commitment"; which is a trap for the spirit-beings. To commit is to be firm on the words given to someone; which is not fulfilled fills one with sorrow, guilty, desire to re-live ad this opens a clear assured door to this world, for the spirit-beings to continue in the never ending cycle of births. It's not the cycle of births and death but it's only the cyclicity of never ending births, however, death is a doorway which can help spirit-beings ascend or experience multi- dimensionality. But since, the emotional turmoil created through relations, possessions and attachment to the world object is so strong, the spirit- being falls back again, because, the etheric body is not developed and only physical body remains in function throughout the birth. 

It's just like, suppose you go to a mall to buy something and on your return you realize that you forgot your wallet in the mall. So, this realization becomes the reason for you to go back to the mall again. Similarly, the 3d system prepares you for the realization through commitments, promises and attachments, so that the spirit-beings are sure to come back in this world. And, it's a never ending cycle. The wonder is today people practice re-birthing which is nothing but a practice of coming back into this 3d system happily. Throughout your birth, you are kept so busy in all these external commitments so that you do not even think for a moment that you are to go back freely from this 3d reality. Because, that is the only problematic situation for the spirit-beings; being a multi-dimensional being caught up in a 3d reality which is suffocating, exhausting and trapping. Just like a fish from ocean is trapped in a small bowl. 

So, why does the 3d beings/system need spirit-beings in the system??
Spirit-beings has to wake up and realize the fact that the 3d system is run with the spirit energy while recycling the spiritual energy through new bodies. 3d beings use the energy of the spirit- beings and to use the spirit energy, physical body is required on this earth plane. And, to keep the spirit beings trapped in way that they continue taking births again and again, commitment to the 3d system is used as an instrument. 

e.g. currency note too has a commitment printed on the note itself. And, it's a promise. 

Job, marriage, relationships, anything you see in this worldly reality, it just want to possess you. And, possession is devilish as only ghosts possess. Through the act of possession, you learn to be possessive and thence, the guilty comes, opening the doors back into this 3d trap which exhaustive, utterly brutal and merciless. 3d system of the world use the spirit-beings as puppets by creating rumors around the truth and keep them trapped in the birthing cycle as the 3d beings are only interested in the bodies of spirit-beings. 

This is a wake-up call for the spirit beings. The sense of sight and hearing are open outside. Don't just close your eyes but see the true reality of this world. Don't just remain busy in hearing the noises from all directions but listen to what brings freedom here and after life. Practice what open the doors of etheric realms and from where you never fall back into this 3d cage. 

Remember, only waking of the spirit-beings can help the complete 3d system to get vanished. So, I announce to all the higher multi-dimensional beings to help all spirit-beings wake up and realize their higher potential and absolute reality. 


Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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