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Guru Disciple Relationship

Guru- disciple relationship is one of the most sacred, loving & profound relationship in the world. This is the only relationship which no other relationship in the existence can replicate.

na mitram na ca putras ca na pita na ca vandhavah
na svami na gurostulyam yaddrstam paramampadam
Friend, son, father, relative, or husband, none is equal to the Guru,
who has realization of the Absolute.

There are no words in any language which can express the glory of master in the life of a disciple as he is the one who takes away all the darkness from the life of the disciple by just with his mere presence. As the quest of the disciple reaches at its peak, the master arrives. And, guru is the manifestation of shiva itself by nature, to take the disciple forward. He comes from the same societal as the disciples, one among many from the same crowd, a normal one but yet he is the qualitative being who takes keen interest in the upliftment of the disciple in various facets of life. Since, he is the one who has faced similar challenges as that of the disciples and has also experienced life from the same angle like his disciples, so he is easily able to connect with the disciples and vice- versa. 

There are many beautiful examples in the history expressing the true joy that guru & disciple share; SriGuru Mahavtar Babaji & Lahiri Mahashay ji, Guru Nanak & Bala- Mardana, King Janaka &  Ashtavakra, Rumi & Shamas Tabrez, Gautam Buddha & Ananda, RamaKrishna & Narendra.

These are all the examples of guru- shishya who experienced divine ecstasy, the heavenly joy being in each other’s presence and as they came across each other, the divine longing settled. Guru, the divine lover, the beloved being for whom the atman awaits since many births, just like the swan waits amidst the hot summers for a drop of rain, to nourish, to content the quenching nerves of the dried throat from many seasons.

bahu janmarijitaih punyaih sadguru yadi labhyate
tada tat vaktrato labdhva janma saphalyam apnuyat
"Due to the profound merits of a previous life, when one is fortunate
to get a qualified guru, one is able to transform life and
achieve success through his instruction"

Guru nourishes the disciple as a child and takes cares of him as a mother but yet, he enhances the inner qualities of the disciples being a beloved; that’s the reason many texts refer to guru as “pritam” means the beloved one. It’s only the sincerity of the disciple which allow his to reach the right guru else many aspirants keep wandering from one to the other & yet life takes no turn. 

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Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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