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The New Matrix Begins

We had been living in a web of duties, work, education, chaos of the unhealthy lifestyle, diseases, sufferings, pains- this all clearly show the signs of a hell life, which we had been living so far. But, as the new Sun shines above and the awareness grows, you will begin to find yourself in a new zone, new life matrix and life shall appear to begin differently. 

First and foremost is your current state of awareness in order to what all is going in your life. You must admit the fact that there are problems in life and the door to the new matrix opens. If you are relishing the old- ongoing matrix, there shall be no transformation but more exhaustive changes shall appear in your life to upgrade you to the new life, the new zone and the new age. 

So, what will happen and what are you going to go through, if you are upgrading to the new matrix. Let's take a look:-

- The old period was all about faith, beliefs and just following the crowd & the masses, doing what all the rest had been doing, but as you are shaken up to the realities of the world, your current state of awareness shall change from faith & beliefs to knowing, understanding and finding the meanings to your self and the whole of the life process. You will no longer feel connected to the process what crowds had been following. You will begin to stand-out from the herd and find your way with the like- awareness beings. 

- You will no longer like the fast paced life but you will incline towards an easy, peaceful and quiet life. The fast processes of life, be it your routine duties, your work or any of your habit of doing things fastly; it shall break and you will be at ease, as the fast will mean noise and chaos now. 

- Ignorance shall not be bliss  and no superficial happiness shall be accepted. You will begin to find meanings to the depth & core, for all agendas of the crowds happening around you.  You will ask more questions within for the world without, for all what people are doing, the mechanism of life on this plane of existence. 

- Suddenly, nature will become more important than anything else. You will see people leaving all what old they had been carrying; be it beliefs, sufferings, pains, artificial happiness etc. and they will begin to adopt new life. New laws of nature shall be applicable on the shining beings. 

- You will begin to ask: Why am I here? Why am I in the process of earning & paying to live? Where am I? What am I supposed to do to come out of this ongoing matrix? Why am I captured in the trap of various authorities & powers?

- You will have an urge to change your diet, your food, your information intake and your knowledge quotient. You will feel to eat more simple, easy and natural diet than the complex, artificial and processed foods, which in-turn is a step towards giving other species their right place, honoring their existence with us by not consuming them. This shall add uplifting effect on your empathy with nature.

- Apart from the existing languages that we speak, you will see that the symbols will also become a part of the language and you will begin to use symbols in your routine linguistics in this rising age of technology. Like, we see people using many emojis and emoticons in the routine communication and it had been used to communicate from the ancient times.

- Your perspective of currency shall also change and the current paper currency shall not be the only mode but technology shall take up paper transaction and new currencies shall be introduced which will make current currencies vulnerable. Hence, the controls in the hands of one or few shall weaken. 

- You will feel no impact of time and distance. There shall be no effect of day or night as you will begin to live freely in all time zones and distances shall no longer be a limitation to connect. This in turn shall raise more awareness from all the corners of the plane and you will explore multiple facets of life in light of different cultures, geography, laws and new upgradations of life. 

- Power, politics, authority, fame, superficial show-off shall no longer interest you. You will not indulge yourself in this but you will find ways to steer clear these artificial aspects. 

- The most important thing is- You will meet beings with exalted awareness and the ones with the lower awareness shall not be able to resist your presence, thence, they shall leave you in their own ignorance. You will come across heighted beings, connect with them and learn a great deal of new life. The beings who have come in to the new matrix shall help others to overcome the subtle challenges and be into the new matrix smoothly. 

- You will have wonderful synchronicity with the masters and beings of higher awareness, and learning from them shall be easy. You will meet like-beings and things will turn up in coherence with new matrix, as explained above. 

- Then, you will have immense courage to break open the old chains, barriers and you will breathe in the new air saying- "I can write my own story. I can live my way. I can do the things the way I want." 

And, nature & higher beings will come in to your support.

There are natural laws which can make this transition very smooth, which I might explain in the next V-log. 

Do comment with your thoughts below. 

Love, V

Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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