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When I shakingly woke up to this world, I was shocked to the see the spiritual lies that people had been speaking to themselves and to the others while pretending to be spiritual beings while running behind or seeing their so-called gurus from far away and calling themselves very spiritual. Being spiritual implies simply to live at the state of spirit. Now, Let us understand this a little bit more. 

When you are spiritual means you realize yourself as spirit, you live beyond the level of body and mind. Living beyond the level of body and mind implies that you have a body which creates no obstacle in terms of any disease or disorder and mind is not limited in the strangles of desires, demands, dualism, behaviors etc. 

A body which do not pose any obstacle means it's perfectly healthy, fed naturally & sufficiently and a non-limiting mind means it is free from the alluring traps of the world which create imageries inside to run after objects and sense pleasure. 

Now understand deeply that only the being who is not trapped in the world drama can have such a body and mind. Thence, he can be called spiritual. But, the wonder today is- people call themselves spiritual but neither they have healthy body and nor a free mind. They had been trapped in the same habits from years & years, same level of disease and disorders, following same patterns of life, same behaviors, same worries, same needs and yet they just fool themselves to be spiritual while all the fundamentals & basics of spiritual life are defied. 

Think about it!!
Love, V
Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

Academically, He is a B.Sc. Medical & an MBA- Gold Medalist in Marketing & International Business as well as he is a nominee of national merit. He has his expertise in Business Consultancy, Project Management, Astrology, Vastu, Tarot & Angel Readings, Numerology, Healing Therapies, Meditations, Past Birth Analysis & SpiritualitySeveral awards & accolades has been conferred upon him in academics & in the mentioned respective fields. He has also been the nominee of Economic Times Young Leaders of India.


To his credibility account, he has clients from all across the globe. He hold a learning experience of 18 years of teaching & 8 years of professional exposure.


He holds a firm belief in nature & the divine powers. He is a key practitioner of Law of Attraction. He has his interests in singing, sketching, painting, writing, reading & cooking as well. He is a multi-lingual person.


He has a vision of creating a Vibrant World transforming 1 million lives & a world where miracles manifest with the Divine Grace of Lord Shiva. 

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