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Singing Glory & Bowing

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Rare can sing glory and bow, because to sing glory one has to observe himself and his place in the higher divine order. Since, the gurus today are keeping your busy with the processes to be a better fit in the world cage, the do not talk of spirituality but the mind game. 

Hence, there is no connection with higher self but the being remain the same but more quiet and subtle. When there is no connection with divine, there can be no observation of the divine presence around or in any form. S

o, people can never sing glory but they can just ask, ask and ask. When you do not understand the divine presence and the presence of guru, you will either be involved (not evolved) in your logical or only creative side, thence, no functioning of the madhya nadi- sushmana, hence, no bowing can happen. 

Because, to bow, there shall be no functioning of mind which means neither logical nor creative, which implies no fake ego. Then, one learns to bow. But, when there is yet functioning of right or left nadi, then there will be false bows performed which is easily recognizable. 

Think about it!! 
Love, V
Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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