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Opinions And Judgements

Opinions and judgments about others is a great deal of waste of energy. 

Let's understand: when you see a big tree, it's a fact that it's a tree, a tree in its whole of nature. And, when you go a little above this thought and say, this tree can be cut into wood to make some furniture out of it or it can bear fruits for the rest of its life, you create opinion based on your limited perspective. It is opinion until it's of no use to you or anyone adding some value. 

Opinion or judgement is a mere sentence spoken to impress upon someone or your own self that you know of it. Now, consider people instead of tree. When you judge or create opinion for someone for their looks, for their behavior or for their any action even if it's not related to you; it's simply because inside you separate yourself from that person and feel superior inside, expanded inside with a great sense of conformity that you are not like them, that's why you judge them, you create opinion about them. For this to understand, it requires great depth of perception. There is another face of it, when you judge someone and waste your energy, remember, you are hooked inside to them too in terms of comparison, that is when you are caught up in the dualism of mind.

Let's take a small example: "when you say to your friend about someone that he behaves like that on front of all but I don't like because I can't do it."

What do you want to impress upon here- you separate yourself from the person you are speaking about, you are speaking of a tinge of someone's behavior which you do not do and in speaking this opinion, you become superior in comparison to the other person. But, yet you are hooked to them inside that is why you are speaking about them. 

It's just waste of energy as it's diverted from your being and involved outside in someone else adding no value but a false sense of pleasure.

Love, V
Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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