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Guru Purnima- 2018

ajnanatimirandhasya jnananjanamshalakaya
chakshurunmilitam yen tasmai
sri guruve namah!!

Guru Purnima, a great celebration for a sadhaka, to prostrate at the lotus feet of the master. It marks a great significance in the life of a taught, a disciple, a student who is graced with the presence of Guru in his life and also for those who are yet awaiting to receive the shine of a master in their life. Only the worthy aspirants and the ones who's debt of the past karma reach a saturation, they only receive the grace of a master. Till then, the soul cries with a deep longing to come out of the stranglehold of the mind and its desires under the trap of the senses allured by the worldly pleasures. The ones who get tired of all the material consumptions in a birth, receive the shelter of Guru; which brings greater joy and celebration in the life of the taught. It should not be confused with the end of the karma load but the taught realizes that with Guru, the path is of faster progress and one is posed with the karma which is stuck from many past births, in order to be free from it's bondage.
From the time of birth to the time we die, all the relationships of the world, even the mother; we are just brought into the outside world and we are just involved in the worldly matters. And, we suffer through pain, misery, attachment, bondange and loss. Whereas, it's only the relationship with the Guru, which takes us towards the source, towards our own self, to the journey to find the meaning of life and the nature. That's the reason even Adi Shankaracharya in His beautiful composition Bhaja Govindam, He writes-
gurucharanambuja nirbharbhaktah samsaradachiradhava muktah
sendriya maanasa niyamaadevam drakshyasi nijahrudyastham devam
Surrender yourself at the lotus feet of the Guru; with your senses and mind disciplined, and freed from the shackles of the samsaara you will behold the Lord who is seated in your heart.
Such is the glory of Guru in the life of a taught. Fortunate are the aspirants in who's life Guru arrives by Himself as there are aspirants who wander from door to door yet they do receive the grace of a Guru. There can be many teachers who teach you various subjects but there is always one Guru, who shows you the direction to hail through the toughest of toughest storms in life.

A worthy Guru is the one who cuts the eigth fold bondages (ashta pasha) of the taught: Hatred, Shame, Fear, Doubt, Censure, Caste, Creed & Modesty; through His teachings, with His graceful sight or through initiation. Goraksha Samhita in the fourth shatakam mentions:
kimatr bahunokten shastrakotishaten ch
durlabha chitt vishraantirvinaa gurukrupaam praam
Even after reading millions of scriptures, without the grace of the Guru, this heart can not be established in the Lord, what else to be said.
The glory of a worthy can not be expressed in words. It is the sincere instruction to the seekers, not to run here and there in search of any worth Guru but the best way to seek a Guru is to increase your thirst for seeking the absolute truth. If your seeking is sincere and truthful, nature itself will manifest Guru for you and Guru will arrive in your life to take you out from the bodanges of samsara.

There is no other relationship in comparison to the relation of a Guru & Shishya. Guru is a mother who nurtures the taught, He is a spiritual Father who gives birth to the spirituality in the life of taught, He is a friend who can sought anytime to rescue from the challenges of life through his directions, He is a pal who communicates the language of the God in a way which is easily understandable for the taught, He is a sculptor who remove the unwanted and unnecessary carvings from the mind. If Guru is the creator of a contented life then He is the destroyer of all your myths & stereotypes too. He is the one with whom you will share a bond of love but yet you will have the fear inside the He will read everything out of your mind and He will get know all your truths; because He does not promote your wrong doings and He shows you the path to overcome your shortcomings & leads you towards a grand life of immense love, playfulness and contentment. There are still few who do not believe in the glory of a Guru and they suffer a life of sorrow & grief. As the weaver saint Kabir conveys in one of His couplet:
kabir te nar andh hai jo guru ko kehte or
jag ruthe phir thor hai guru ruthe nahin thor
Guru is a tattva; the element of higher consciousness which flows through the body of once a seed but now a blossomed flower at its full bloom. And, such are only one out of million who reach at that state where the Shiva energy manifests in a body to take the sincere aspirants along from the trap of samsara. The one who is fortunate enough to receive such a divine vision to see it, can only see the Guru tattva manifested in the body. Rare are such who receive the grace of a Guru and the rare are the ones who receive the company of such beings; only a sincere truthful & firm devotee can considered fortunate to walk this path with a Guru, after spending millions of lifetime amidst this samsara.

Happy Guru Purnima and May SriGuru Mahavtar Babaji's Grace Be Upon You!!

With Love,
Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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