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Why Doesn't Abundance Stay Longer With Some People

This question had been hovering my mind over past one week or so when I had few experiences of visible transformations (the prosperous changes) happening in many lives & in the next consecutive days their life again started going back to the previous routine.

So, this experience really pushed me to think about the reason behind all the positive changes not taking place while it was already started. During my routine meditation session, suddenly my mind slipped into a thought process where I could clearly sense why the positivity could not stay longer with those people, however the positive changes were clearly visible in their each aspect of life.

Here, I'm just trying to make an effort to write down my thought process & little understanding about ‪#‎why_abundance_didnot_stay_longer‬?? Kindly forgive me for any mistake in penning down my thoughts into words.

Everyone seeks abundance of financial prosperity, love, luxury, bliss & everything in their lives, for which you seek guidance from either a learned person or a guru stature or any guide whom you feel reliable & can have trust upon. After that guidance, you apply the guidance in your each & every aspect of life. (By guidance here, I'm not only referring to the astrological remedies). You feel good in the ‪#‎initial_phase‬ of applying the guidance & somehow there is slight shift in your consciousness towards the positive aspects & to an extent you begin to cover the path of aligning with nature itself, which in turn attracts abundance intoyour lives, while opening the energy channels of the universe.

Days goes by with the same procedure & things starts to works through the power of thoughts as while getting aligned with nature, thoughts gets manifested in each one of your life, Now, in the ‪#‎second_phase‬, the thoughts of your old routine allow you to become complacent with the current state of affairs which are moving towards the path of abundance & the ego begins to hover your mind, which makes you follow the same set pattern of thoughts, actions, behavior etc which you had been following before the good things began to happen in your life.

Then begins the ‪#‎final_phase‬, when the ego, manipulation, anger & the old behavior wins allowing the closure of universal energy. 

The moment you
  • lie  
  • manipulate wrong things
  • follow anger
  • allow ego to satisfy your mind (generally mentioned for all readers to understand in a better way) 
  • adopt wrong ways & means to attract abundance or earn money etc. the same very moment the whole equation starts to be back to square one. Always remember, the every single thought you bring, it makes changes in complete chemistry of your body including DNA which is the key messenger for manifesting thoughts into reality.

Change is most constant thing which shall occur always & to bring positive changes in any aspect of your life, you really need to mend your ways as well as align yourself with the new change happening than just allowing the positive change to happen & being rigid with your own self having ego, anger, greed, deceit. The change handled thru' the heart center- the vortex of love beings stability & its permanent. However, the change handled thru solar plexus- the center for greed & anger is temporary & brings more tough tests in the future.

Also, to add in here, the more activation of solar plexus activities like greed, anger, ego, fighting, lying, manipulating things or words for just winning a conversation or a situation, simply brings health complications as well whereas activation of heart plexus activities like kindness, forgiveness, generosity etc brings peace, prosperity & good health.

I hope my small offering will help you understand the value of aligning with the positive changes or any change per se happening in your life.

Wishing you Love & Light,
Vishal SriPaul Sood
Vishal SriPaul

Vishal SriPaul

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